Help Refugees During Corona Crisis Campaign

I don’t normally post a performance on FB.. As a member of contributing musicians of ‘Classical Musicians to Help Refugees during Corona Crisis’ campaign, I thought I’d share this video to draw your attention to this meaningful movement by my friend, Nikolaj Lund, an excellent cellist and photographer.

I always wanted to learn this intermezzi and thought about playing it to children in the refugee camps I visited in the past,so it was a perfect opportunity to learn this incredible work ( and terribly difficult to interpret) when I was asked to make a video of a work of my choice a few weeks ago.

Please excuse the squeaking and quasi-functioning soft pedal. I didn’t manage to make an appointment with our technician in time due to travels, then, the lockdown.. AND many thanks to Bubble for staying quiet and sleeping for a change..😆

The google translation of the text is as follows:

Sleep gently, my child, sleep gently and beautifully! It takes a long time, See you cry (Scottish, from Herder’s folk songs)

Mookie Lee Menuhin

Mookie Lee Menuhin plays the 1st intermezzi, op. 117 by J.Brahms.Please consider donating:

Posted by Classical musicians to help refugees during corona crisis on Monday, May 4, 2020