What I think we should do to help the young musicians

What I think we should do to help the young musicians

Not long ago, I expressed my opinion of a question, ‘ what to do with students who are eager to pursue a career in music but, you, as a teacher, feel he/she isn’t ‘fit’ for it’ (what an awful notion indeed).

I don’t have any experience in teaching, however, I am fully aware of many abusive, power-hungry, and insecure teachers who destroyed and destroy the vulnerable souls of the young aspiring musicians.

The following is what I feel and how I answered:

“The future is unknown. You really never know! I’ve seen some cases , including myself, that people do turn corners to our greatest surprises. What one of my old teachers did for his students of all levels is the following, and I saw true ‘miracles’. The students became the best version of themselves and some did very well in the end to many people’s surprise:

Try to focus on nurturing the love of music itself in the student. If you can’t detect any seed of love for music, but only a ‘career’, then it is better to be frank about the reality. But if you detect true love, dedication, and determination, you should be a guide to foster that love in them.

What is a point if one has a sort of career but lost a sight of love as for many musicians? …”